Relaxing your way to better health

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The pace of living has increased over the years. We are surrounded with fast options – fast food, fast movement, and fast solutions. This leaves many of us exhausted, as keeping pace requires stamina. What better than to leave the fast life behind for just a weekend or even a day and just be. There are a number of weekend getaways or day breaks that you can opt for to just recharge yourself and get back in form. However if a weekend is unthinkable and you are hard-pressed for time, just take a small break. Just getting away for a while even a couple of hours can bring in a new perspective and bring in creativity at work.

A day at the spa is highly recommended. Just being pampered with a massage takes away the tiredness from those aching muscles. A massage is generally considered a form of complementary and alternative medicine. If a full body massage does not appeal to you opt for a foot massage. A Foot massage has been practiced in many cultures for centuries to promote health and well-being. A foot reflexology massage applies pressure on certain point on the foot to relieve stress and calm the body. Old cultures have been know to rejuvenate the body by massaging just the pressure points on the sole of the foot. These points are nerve endings and a gentle pressure improves blood circulation and tyhe flow of oxygen to the body parts and organs connected to these endings. Result a healthy happy and reaxed body.

If a drink or a cup of coffee with friends is your way of relaxing then, The Oxford Hotel exudes a cosy, rustic charm, which you experience from the moment you enter the front lounge which wraps around a unique sunken cellar with original limestone walls and timbered ceiling. Step up to the main bar or wander outside to the Brickworks Garden Bar and Café, Perth’s only fully enclosed Garden Bar. So sit back relax and enjoy the huge selection of local and imported beers, extensive wine list and fabulous food.

Still tight on time, then head out for a shopping spree. Shopping or retail therapy is a great way to lift the mood. Studies have shown that shopping releases endorphins, boosts your immune system, keeps your brain nimble, and even fulfills basic social needs. You get an overall sense of well being and happiness. The downside – there is no sign of the endorphins when the credit card bills reach – the rush is over. Just ignore the warning signs, promise yourself to not go overboard and indulge just a little.
So when you want a quick pick me up” just take the wallet and head out to whatever beckons you.

Juice, health and happiness


A little bit of health goes a long way. Not an easy option to reach out for the apple when the aroma of a freshly baked cake calls out to you. Try eating a bowl of grapes lying right next to a box of pringles. Not easy, but not impossible. Giving up food is never a good idea as somewhere we all falter. I indulge myself whenever I feel like it – indulgence is a bit of everything I feel like eating. When you ensure that your body has a good supply of fresh raw vegetables and fruits, the cravings die down. I know for sure when I eat a packet of chips my craving increases and I keep adding to the junk that I put in. When I just add a bowl of fruit to what I am eating the fruit starts to balance and the cravings reduce. Keep eating a raw salad or fresh fruit and you will find that soon the need to indulge in salty, fried or sweet nothings just goes away. It sounds simple and it is.

Forget the diets and the constant “no” that you tell yourself. Keep eating a bit of everything but just add 3 to 4 servings of salads or raw vegetables and 3 to 4 servings of fruit and you are sorted. You get the much needed anti-oxidants from the raw food. Keep in mind, heating or cooking vegetables destroys enzymes that make the food healthy. Eat as much raw as you can.

Leafy greens are fantastic for the skin but not all are that palatable. No worries. Juice your way to good health. Green juice is your daily dose of good health. Green juices are made with fruits and vegetables filled with antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins. A glass of juice gives an energy boost as glucose levels are increased in the bloodstream as soon as the sugar from the juice gets into the bloodstream. Green juices are normally made from greens like spinach, kale, broccoli etc. Greens like bok choy and broccoli contain a compound that boosts immunity and provides an extra layer of protection to cells in the body. Weight loss is a side effect of a juice diet along with an immunity boost and a feel good factor. Home Pressed Juices  are a great to start the day with especially right after a workout. Some options for the juice would be vegetables like celery, spinach, cucumber, lemon, ginger, parsley and sprouts. You can either blend or juice the greens. Blending keeps the fibre with the juice but requires thinning down.

So go ahead and juice your way to good health and happiness.

Healthy homes

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Health is a primary need in our lives. Without good health we cannot enjoy the fruits of our labour. The homes we live in follow safety standards, but is the environment around us healthy? Healthy homes need care and maintenance. We may live in a palatial house with beautiful elevators like those from Grant Home Elevators or we may have the most stunning balconies and gardens, or we may have a nice cosy apartment with beautiful walls and paintings but is our house healthy? We spend the better part of our time sleeping in our home and we want to breathe in fresh air and wake up recharged. We can do this only if the air around is fresh and clean. See if your home meets the healthy criterion for green and clean linving:

Is the house dust free
Vaccuum atleast a week. Twice is great but if that is too much then spend some time over the weekend. Dust tends to gather around the corners and aggravates allergies. If you can, then replace wall to wall carpeting with wood, cork tiles or linoleum. These are easy to clean and do not collect dust. For wall to wall carpeting ensure you vaccum atleast once a week. Open doors asnd windows to let out stale air. Add allergy-control covers on mattresses.

Go green
If sealing wood or painting, choose products that emit low or no VOCs (volatile organic compound ). These emit less fumes and are quick to stop chemical release.
CFLs, dimmers all save electricity and keep the air cleaner. New types of dimmers are designed to work with CFL and LED bulbs. Skip the tap water and have a filter system installed to avoid drinking water with harmful pollutants.
Use exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom when cooking and bathing. Fans circulate air leaving it fresher. Kitchen exhausts remove stale air with pollutants like carbon dioxide, water vapor, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen dioxide, generated by a gas stove. Bathroom exhaust fans reduce condensation in the bathroom which increases stuffiness and over time can encourage mould growth.

Thde most overlooked areas in all rooms are the doorknobs and walls. Clean doorknobs with an anti-bacterial cleaner to keep microorganisms at bay. If you have pets living with you then dust and animal hair tends to get trapped in the mattress. Vaccum uncovered mattresses atleast once a week. Sanitize countertops to eliminate food bacteria that encourages the growth of cockroaches.

Be consistent and you will lead a healthy life.